“Marvellous! Jean De Forette, Betty Blue, and Manon Des Sources all wrapped up in one. Love it.” ~ Penny Rose-Harris
“Really enjoyed listening to this great concert, lovely ‘continental’ repertoire and amazing musical support from Daniel on clarinet and Romano on accordion.” ~ Joost Dop
“Great voice – warm and enveloping; 1st class musicians. Compliments to all!” ~ Marco Vaccaro

David Vaughan is quickly carving out a very particular niche for himself. Few performers are able to call upon the variety of talents that he can, and forge them into an identity that is both innovative and traditional. His latest musical offering is proudly retrospective in character, calling upon the great traditions of European song, and using instruments such as the accordion and clarinet to anchor the sound to distinctly popular roots. Vaughan is a singer, a songwriter, and an arranger; he is a pianist, a guitarist and a trumpeter – and yet he remains undeniably unique, undeniably himself. Read more about David Have a listen to David’s work


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The Kind Of Jazz Review!
It seems entirely appropriate that David's first official album review should be from www.KindOfJazz.com. And what a review! The tag line of “David Vaughan blurs the lines between jazz, classical and chanson on his unique and persuasive debut” helps to immediately set the tone for an informative and carefully considered review that gets to the heart of what the album is all about. Just click here to read it for yourself.
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“We’re On A Holiday”. That’s the title of the David’s long-awaited debut album available digitally on all major platforms and as a CD from Flap Back Records. Numerous months of painstaking work, finalised with the magic of mastering engineer Tim Debney at Fluid Mastering in Hammersmith, has really paid off! Want to hear for yourself? Just go to the Music tab where three songs are available for listening.
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